1973 Land Rover Series III
$5,000 - Project Vehicle

Contact: Bill Clark    Phone: (208) 860-6311    Email: bill.clark@earthpoint.us
Chassis Number 25902197B    Picture of data plate
Price $5,000

1973 Land Rover Series III. Project vehicle. Fairey overdrive, Fairey lock-out hubs, Webber carb, headers, tropical roof, roof rack, bike rack. Purchased from a Ford dealer in Sacremento, CA in aprox 1983. Has lived in the Boise, Idaho area ever since. The Land Rover was my daily driver through college and work until about 1990. Rover has not been started since. The rover was moved to our shop in late 1990's where it has been ever since.

Spare engine overhauled around 1985 and installed in truck. Original engine used in another project. Transmission and Fairey overdrive replaced at the same time with overhauled (or new, I can't remember) units from Rover's North. Truck was only driven for about a year after that. I had trouble with the clutch and in hindsight believe the wrong clutch plate was used. Truck is should get a complete overhaul - differentials, springs, shocks, bushings, swivel joints, steering box, brakes, mirrors, windows, weather stripping, replace the clutch plate, all of it. That said, engine, transmission, and overdrive should be OK. Brake cylinders are removed. Started to overhaul them a few years ago, but at the time the parts were in very short supply. So I decided to not use them, but save them for when the whole truck is overhauled.

Dents - minor dent right rear fender. Minor door dents. Dent in tropical roof.
Rust - some surface rust, but no holes - including bulkhead, door frames, and body frame.
Missing items - spare tire, one lug nut for spare tire, mounting bracket for ignition coil. I don't know where or how it went missing...

This is the first time the truck has been outside in almost 20 years.
I think the wires are for the windscreen washer.
Wooden cabinets were in the truck when I bought it. I really like them.
Jack crank and engine crank.
Galvanized sheet metal forms the bottom of the box. It is a bit corroded from stuff sitting in the boxes for the last 30 years.
Auxillary fuel tank is under the driver's seat. Tool box is under the center seat. Main fuel tank is under the passenger seat.
Overdrive is attached to the back of the transmission where the PTO would normally be.
A Webber carburetor from Rover's North is installed.
The copper lines are a crazy experiment to vent the distributor, fuel pump, etc. into the carburetor and not to the outside elements.
The door panels were removed moments after taking this picture so that we could see the condition of the doors.
The doors are structurally sound.
Right side.
Rear door. Spare tire mount was raised by previous owner. I reinforced the door frame with doublers.
Left rear crossmember. Camera tripod leg inadvertantly got into the picture.
Right rear crossmember.
Right rear crossmember looking back.
Right rear crossmember looking back and up. Surface rust only. Metal is clean under where undercoating is peeling off.
Inboard side of right cross member.
Left rear crossmember, inboard, looking rearward through power take-off hole.
Left rear crossmember looking at back of rear door step.
Under driver's feet looking rearward.
Under driver's feet looking upward.
Under driver's feet looking towards right side of truck.
Under driver's feet looking forward.
Left wheel well. Steering box appears to have a 30-year leak.
Driver's side of bulkhead.
Back side of left wheel well.
Passenger side.
Back side of right wheel well.
Roof rack, dent in tropical roof.
Bike carrier mounts to spare tire mount. I had this made about 30 years ago. Spare tire is missing and not included in sale.
Extra air cleaners, washer fluid reservoir.
Original manifolds, ignition and door keys, battery hold downs, mirrors, and an inside cover for the brake and reverse lights.
Junk parts in box on left. Original PTO shaft top (replaced by overdrive). Old master brake cylinder. Series II brake reservoir. Miscellaneous new gaskets, etc. in box on right.
New brake and clutch seals purchased in 2013.
Working jack, heater pipes (truck currently has fabricated copper pipes), high/low range shifter boot, seat back pads, tunnel cover, extra fan, extra front license plate holder.
Owner's manual, Haynes service manual, Land Rover factory repair manual.
Data plate.

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